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Passenger Vehicle

General Purpose Seatbelts are AS/NZS-2596 certified seatbelts and this is a category of seatbelt aimed mainly at retrofitting to older vehicles. Note that an Inertia Reel General Purpose seat belt cannot be used in a seating position which is fitted with air bags and has a pretensioner seat belt already in place. 

Seat Safe’s range includes angled Inertia Reel retractors to fit a wider variety of vehicles. You can check the product certification for our seatbelts at the SAI Global website.

Our Standard belt colour is black. Coloured belts are made to order so choose your colour carefully as there is no refund. Contact us for a set of colour samples as computer screens may not display the colour accurately.

At Seat Safe we can provide you with an assortment of general purpose seat belts each aimed at providing a safe and secure experience for its users.