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Best way to clean a Seat Belt?

NOTE: Do not clean your seat belts with other cleaners or solvents as this weakens the webbing strength by damaging the fibres. Only use a weak dishwashing liquid solution. The cleaned and dried belt can also be sprayed lightly with a food grade silicon spray.

What is a Pretensioner Seat Belt?

Seat belt safety

Are you Wearing a Seat Belt?

No Seat Belt -- No Chance

Have you got your seat belt On? Why wear a seatbelt?

Historical Seat Belt Warning System

Holden Commodore VF Ute Crash

Toyota Hilux Crash Test

1959 Chevrolet Bel Air vs Chevrolet Malibu Crash Test

The importance of wearing a seat belt in buses and coaches

The importance of wearing a seat belt in the back seat

Child Restraints

Correct installation of child restraints Qld transport site.