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Australian-made Seatbelts for almost any vehicle!

Seatsafe is based in Brisbane Queensland and is part of River City Truck Parts Pty Ltd. The staff here at Seat Safe have had a total of 30 years plus experience with products offered on our website. As one of the pioneers in this industry, Seat Safe supplies quality Australian products where we can.All of our products offered comply to AS/NZS2596 and ISO6683 so you can be assured they meet Australian Design Rules for on and off road.

They are also backed with a 12 months manufacturers warranty.Seat Safe and our staff strive to supply and service its customer needs to 110% of its ability. We have always listened to our customers needs.

We are supplied by two major Australian manufacturers.Therefore we are able to request specially manufactured products to fill our customers needs. This service cannot be offered by any of our direct competitors.

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