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The Special Needs Harness is designed to envelop the passenger’s trunk, thus following the wearer’s movement and remaining in the correct, safest configuration.

Features and Benefits of the Hemco Special Needs Harness:

  • The person is unable to remove the harness. In special cases, an extra ‘anti-submarine’ strap can be added to prevent the wearer sliding down and forward.
  • The Medium Special Needs Harnesses are designed to attach to an adult seat belt anchorage. The anchorage is made using a snap fitting and eye bolt for quick release. This suits person over 36kg
  • These harnesses should only be used for users with special needs, they are not a substitute for standard seatbelt or child restraint.

Hemco Special Needs Harnesses are available in three sizes:

When choosing a size, consider that the harness is most effective when comfortably tight. All straps should be placed over bony areas, rather than soft tissue, the chest strap should sit across the centre of the breastbone, and the seat belt should sit over the wearer’s hipbones.

There are three sets of loops at the back to adjust the position of the chest strap. There are two sets of loops at the front to adjust the position of the seat belt. Note the 820-000 Small Special Needs Harness must only be used for children weighing under 36kg, as the harness is designed to attach to the existing child seat anchorage in the vehicle.

Do not attach a Medium or Large Harness to a Child Anchor point as these are not strong enough to hold an adult in the event of a collision. The Medium and Large Special Needs Harnesses are designed to attach to an adult seat belt anchorage. As there is usually no suitable existing anchor point in vehicles, it is recommended to have the anchorage kit installed by a competent mechanic at an appropriate fitting station. All vehicles in which the harness is to be used must be fitted with an anchorage point.


Optional Anti-Submarine Strap

The anti-submarine strap attaches to the rear of the chest strap and at the front has a loop for the seatbelt to go through.

Measure from the top of the chest strap between the shoulder blades down and under, and through to the lap belt. That measurement is all we need to provide the best fit anti-submarine strap

Standard lengths available are 600, 700, 800 and 900mm which is the middle range of adjustment for them.  Adjustment of the anti-submarine strap can be made by varying the positioning of the Velcro strip at the back.

Direct Replacement for


Weight 2 kg

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